Beware of QR Codes

LIke all viruses, it's not that all QR codes are going to melt your cell phone. But there's value in not blindly using them and assuming everything will turn out fine. An ounce of prevention, eh?

robotic jeeps and cargo helicopters

I remember seeing stuff like this in the movies when I was a kid. Then, once I got into the Air Force, I used to wonder why we didn't automate more stuff. Now, I wouldn't want to fly in an airplane as a passenger with a robot at the controls, but there are tons of applications where human beings aren't aboard. I'm all for taking soldiers away from danger as much as possible. But I have to admit it's a little hard to wrap my head around the idea of combat happening in a room full of kids sitting in comfortable armchairs playing "video games". Anyone ever read the book, ENDER'S GAME? Look like it's almost here...

Upcoming book isn't so far out after all!

So, I just finished the galleys on a book called HER HERO AFTER DARK. It's due out in May 2012. The premise is that a wealthy patriot is financing genetic and stem cell research to enhance certain human abilities and to create the super-soldier of the future. Jeff Winston is the first human test subject, and he happens to be extremely STRONG.

There's been some discussion over how "far out" an idea this is and if I've gone off my Romantic suspense rocker. Lest anyone think I'm straying too far from a plausible near future with this premise, I give you the following article reporting on creating super strong mouse muscles. We all know after the mice come the primate studies, and soon thereafter, human experimentation.

Where I get ideas for action scenes

You can't make stuff like this up. The hardest part is writing about it and having anybody believe you! Fact is far wilder than anything fictional I can cook up. These are some extreme athletes doing, well, extrme things. Great soundtrack and gorgeous filming.

SOmething every Girl should know--how to escape from Zip Ties!

And I mean that purely in a tactical, self-protection context, mind you! This article even has videos and discusses all the possible positions your wrisits can be zip-tied into and how to escape from each. Very, very cool.

Exoskeltons are here

Remember those cool exoskeltons in the Aliens movies that Sigourney Weaver used, or the one the bad guy used more recently in Avatar? Yeah? Well, they're heeeeere...