Going Free

Local news covered the release of a man from prison today who spent twenty years in jail for a crime he never confessed to, and which a new review of his case showed he was wrongly accused of doing.

Can you imagine the emotional journey this man's been on? Having to survive prison as an innocent man. No one believes you. Do you stand your moral ground or become the criminal they've accused you of being? How angry are you? Who are you angry at? The system? The prosecutors and jury who did this to you? Yourself? How do you accept the loss of your youth, loss of your friends, your career, loss of any chance at a family of your own?

And when you're finally set free...who are you? What will other people think of you? How do you start your life over with a massive stain on it that's not of your making? Are you angry? Grateful? I'm sensing a character in this...

Am so glad this man's getting at least some portion of his life back. Regardless of the tragedy of a mistake like this, I still say we have the best legal system in the world. All it takes is traveling to a few countries without our Bill of Rights to appreciate just how good we have it as Americans.

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